Opened way to the virtual worlds: How Leading Brands are connecting with their customers

Brands shooting for the stars

Embracing Virtual Worlds: How Leading Brands Connect with Customers The future internet is no longer a futuristic concept—it’s a digital playground where top brands like Louis Vuitton, Forever 21, H&M, Accenture, Disney, Hyundai, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Nike and Coca-Cola, are crafting unique experiences for their audience.  As we await further advancements in VR technology, numerous brands are stepping into the metaverse, acclimatising their customers to a revolutionary way of interaction and the next iteration of the internet. Disney turns fantasies into immersive adventures. Hyundai zooms into the Roblox universe, engaging younger audiences in creative ways. Fashion and technology intertwine as Gucci and Roblox redefine virtual luxury, and Nike, through its RTFKT collaboration, turns digital sneakers into coveted treasures.  Louis Vuitton brings its signature luxury into virtual worlds, offering unique digital fashion experiences.  Meanwhile, Coca-Cola fizzes up the metaverse with interactive events that bridge the virtual with the real. Not just for play, Wendy’s and Accenture show the serious side of the metaverse, using it for innovative employee training programs. These brands are just the tip of the iceberg, showcasing the metaverse’s potential to revolutionise engagement, storytelling, and customer experience. The metaverse is here, and it’s more vibrant and immersive than ever.  Join the revolution at Unyted and create your own space in the metaverse.  Explore, engage, experience: