Our Founding Story

Established in 2022, Unyted arose from the visionary minds of technologists and entrepreneurs, passionate believers in the power of the metaverse.

We saw the future of the internet as a seamless digital world, enabling unprecedented ways for people to work, play, and connect. With determination, our visionary team embarked on a quest.

Our goal? To not only construct the metaverse but to establish a network of immersive, diverse, and inclusive environments.

Our commitment serves as a beacon, inspiring others to join this movement, propelling us collectively into a new frontier of digital innovation. 

Our Mission

As the architects behind Unyted, we encourage individuals to unlock their creativity and craft their virtual masterpieces. Our innovative solutions help users create virtual homes, offices, or campuses while maintaining complete control over their identities and assets.

Our innovative solutions seamlessly facilitate users in constructing distinctive homes, offices, or campuses, maintaining complete control over identities and assets. With Unyted, express yourself freely and bring your unique vision to life.

Imagine the myriad possibilities of your virtual sanctuary—a space where imagination knows no bounds, offering an infinite canvas for exploration. We firmly believe everyone possesses the potential to create something extraordinary; with Unyted, we provide the tools for that journey.

Together, let’s collaboratively shape a world that not only inspires but also uplifts us all, forging a shared space where boundless creativity flourishes.

Our Vision

Unyted envisions a world where equal access to a secure three-dimensional internet is a tangible reality, not just a concept.

We believe everyone should control their data and creations, shaping their own future.

Our goal is to empower individuals to dream big, free from limitations or restrictions. Creating a community where everyone is included, regardless of background or circumstances, is our vision.

Our Culture

At Unyted, we’re all about creating a vibrant atmosphere fueled by collaboration and diverse perspectives. We firmly believe that every team member, whether they’re in design, engineering, or marketing, plays a crucial role in shaping and delivering top-notch experiences to our customers.

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