Data octopuses are passé

London, 23rd of June 2022

Do you know what your data is worth? Do you know how often your private information is resold?

For most, the answer is clearly no, and the usual suspects take advantage of this ignorance. US companies in particular, but also Asian companies, obtain hidden permissions by 'forcing' acceptance of their terms and conditions and use them to generate revenue from their data. This is an integral part of the business model in Web2.0, or the internet so far.

More and more customers are waking up, however, because this no longer suits them and such articles create more and more awareness in the area of data protection.

At UNYTED, we create the right methodology from the beginning to ensure that all data is protected and can only be used with the explicit consent of the users. Furthermore, everyone will be able to decide whether and how much he/she wants to earn with the data. This is unique and new and one of the building blocks of the new smart internet.

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