Bringing diversity and inclusion to the open metaverse


A decentralised, open, inclusive, diverse and secure metaverse, accessible to all. A virtual 3D universe that enables a truly decentralised society, reflecting humanity in all its colourful diversity and where residents have control over their data.


We want to create open 3D virtual worlds accessible to everyone by providing an easy and secure way to create virtual homes for people, businesses and communities where they can own their data, identity and objects and take them anywhere.

The universe was unhappy with the way things had turned out. It didn't like the fact that the same people who had already messed up privacy, data ownership and integrity across the economy were now claiming the METAverse as their own.

And it wasn't just a phone call we got, it was more like a flash of lightning that lit up the whole sky, and the funniest thing was that we all felt it at the same time... and then we started talking to people and we discovered that we weren't alone, and we realised that the time -now- is right and the place -here- is right as well, that we can do this. 

Creating a better and safer digital future that is also fun, entertaining and yes, dare we say it? PROFITABLE... because running an open metaverse application doesn't necessarily have to be free of profitability. We can do the right thing and create spheres of value from which we all benefit. The creatives, the users, the supporters and our entire world.

What drives us

We want representation, inclusion and equal opportunities for all, but especially for women. And why? We need to overcome gender inequality in the technology sector to lay the foundation for true inclusion on the web3.

Diversity is at the heart of everything we do, because we believe that true innovation only comes from diversity. There is also an alarming lack of diversity in disruptive technology teams around the world: in AI, VR/AR and blockchain development, and thus in the future metaverse. We need to reflect the whole population in all its diversity in all future decisions - ethically and technologically.

In our experience, when we develop Metaverse applications, it is of utmost importance that they support all people with different backgrounds and abilities. Inclusivity creates a better corporate culture and enables a better society. We have built our DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) to be "Safe for Work" and to adhere to our high moral standards.

No barriers to entry. Ease of use, diversity and integration are embedded in the DNA of our products. No downloads, no crypto, no fancy hardware required. There are also no limits to creativity. 

What makes us tick

The last generation of software was developed on the basis of user-generated content. The next generation of software will be user-owned. 

We support distributed autonomous organisations (DAO). 

No silos, no black box, no closed systems. We are creating an open source metaverse suite that supports the new era of co-creation and encourages innovation.

Blockchain-based applications, especially those that require a lot of rendering, consume tons of energy. For each of our projects, we will calculate the exact energy consumption and offset our carbon emissions. With our Unyted.World, we will enable the staking of tokens specifically for carbon offsetting.

DSGVO, blockchain, data protection and identity in the metaverse require specialist knowledge. We find solutions that are compliant and work responsibly.

What you can do in Unyted.World

🌐 Explore
Explore the open Metaverse, find like-minded people and attend public events. Get your own unique avatar as an NFT.

🌐 Your home in the metaverse
Secure your own virtual home in the Metaverse, where you can meet others, present your work or show and sell your work. Also as NFT. 

🌐 Design & Build
With our builder you can create, decorate and import your own creations and access 3D databases like Sketchfab. Without a single line of code.
🌐 Invite your team
Bring your team or students from all over the world. Get your own virtual headquarters or campus and work in 21st century style,
🌐 Connect with your community
Become part of a group of like-minded people and gain access to exclusive, safe places and personal spaces.
🌐 Build your own world
Create and connect your own worlds, hosted on your premises or on our partners' secure servers, based on free or commercial open source packages. No programming required.


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UNYTED - The Open Metaverse as a Service

Made with love and lots of sci-fi infusions

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