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Immersive Education and Training

Have you ever considered how traditional educational methods might be limiting our potential?

Picture of world where learning is not confined to the four walls of a classroom, where students are not mere spectators but active participants fully immersed in the educational experience. Immersive education is not just about learning, it’s about enjoying the process of learning.

Welcome to the promising realm of immersive education.

Transform Education with 3D Virtual Worlds

Advantages of 3D Environments for Learning ​

The key lies in immersion. The human brain struggles to differentiate between the physical and virtual worlds. Studies indicate that 3D virtual environments not only offer a spatial and social sense of presence but also contribute to enhanced learning outcomes and improved retention. 

Cost Savings from Student Retention – Engaging platform → lower dropout rates

Efficient Infrastructure, Substantial Savings – Infinite scalability, no physical space needed

Significant Personnel Cost Savings – AI-driven 24/7 tutors reduce the need for extensive lecturing staff

immersive education

In the metaverse, education becomes an immersive journey where students don't just learn; they experience, collaborate, and innovate.​

Tailored Solutions or Bespoke Creations:
The Choice is Yours!

Choose from our diverse range of Unyted Scenes tailored for various industries, or let us create a bespoke virtual world aligning with your unique style and requirements. Unyted takes pride in customizing virtual experiences, ensuring your brand stands out in the ever-expanding metaverse.


Education and Training

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Immersive education and training together with virtual reality transport students and employees to far off places that simulate real-life situations and make learning more fun and engaging. Reduce training times by 75%.


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Elevate collaboration and break free from the ordinary. Experience seamless interaction in a virtual realm – where ideas flourish and connections thrive. Put on your headset in London, and meet virtually with your colleagues in Paris.


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Showcase and sell NFTs in a digital space that transcends limits. Immerse your audience in an interactive experience, where creativity knows no bounds. Elevate your exhibitions, amplify your impact.

Industrial metaverse

industrial metaverse

The industrial metaverse offers great potential in operations, manufacturing, and supply chains, enabling realistic virtual interactions via IoT and AI. It facilitates on-site experiences, design, simulation, training, and remote operations, enhancing collaboration and machinery interaction. 



Break free from the physical constraints and join a new era of immersive gatherings. Seamlessly connect with a global audience, foster engaging discussions, and unlock unlimited possibilities. Add an additional revenue stream by hosting your conference in a virtual setting. 

Team building

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Ditch the traditional team building and dive into a new realm of connection! Imagine your team bonding on a virtual beach. The metaverse brings your team together in exciting locations, fostering collaboration and creativity. No passports required, just a sense of adventure.

Product demos


Redefine the way you present products. Showcase your products in a virtual space, providing a hands-on, interactive encounter. Break free from traditional limitations and engage customers on a whole new level. Transform demos and captivate your audience.

Digital Twins

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Gain real-time end-to-end visibility into your systems and processes. Unyted’s technology creates a virtual replica of your environment, enabling you to make informed decisions, unblock bottlenecks, and enhance efficiency.


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Host concerts, stand-up, birthdays, quests, or any event imaginable. Break free from tradition and create unforgettable moments in immersive digital spaces. The stage is yours – let’s make it memorable

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