Unyted Team​

At Unyted, diversity, inclusion, and freedom are the pillars of our innovation. 

Our global team operates remotely, comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds, all sharing a deep passion for technology. These varied perspectives enrich our decision-making processes, while inclusivity fuels creativity and productivity. Unyted thrives on collaboration, innovation, and daring to dream big. Our motivation is rooted in pushing boundaries and embracing authenticity.

Meet our Unyted team!

Florian Krüger

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Maxine Room CBE

Head of People & Culture

Gaby (2)

Gaby K Slezák


Ali Sinan Öztürk

Head of Design

Adrian Pariente Carracedo

Head of Development

Julieta Waisfeld

Executive Assistant, HR Assistant, Finance


Andrea Portik

Customer Relationship Manager

Tijana Trifunovic

Technical Programme Manager


Rio Fernando

Community Manager

Untitled design (2)

Predrag Randjelovic

Unity Developer

Yusuf Metindoğan

Yusuf Metindogan

Unity Developer

Ozan Kaki

Ozan Kaki

Fullstack Developer


Shiza Arslan

Fullstack Developer

Reyna Sena Kaynak

Design Intern

Emre Ilhan

Design Intern

Advisory Board

Gaby K Slezák

Metaverse pioneer with 30 years of international professional experience and award- winning visionary concepts and solutions for companies such as Telekom, Pixelpark, Axel Springer, Hubert Burda Media and La Republicca. Gaby is one of the leading experts in VR, AR, AI and 3D worlds. As VR ambassador at Women in AI, she advocates for more diversity in tech teams globally. Her vision: an inclusive, open, user-owned Metaverse for all.

Dr. Maxine Room CBE

Dr. Maxine Room CBE uniquely combines her passions: Education, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Technology. She has worked her way up from teacher to CEO, developing knowledge, skills and experience to help organisations design strategies and operations for growth with diversity and inclusion as central elements. She will ensure diversity and inclusion as central strategies in the development of our products.

Prof. Eku Wand

More than 30 years of experience in visual communication with a focus on multimedia, interactive storytelling, games & user experience. Author, producer, virtual reality creative director & professor since 1998 at the Braunschweig University of Arts (HBK).

Taurimas Valys

Member of Vilnius City Council, member of the Privatisation Commission and professional networker/DEALmaker and banker (15000+ followers# ThinkingBIG). He represents one of the largest Bavarian private equity firms (GENCAP.de) and is a co-founder and board member of Šeimos Credit Union. In parallel, he is an associate professor of finance programmes at Vilnius University.


Andreas Kunz

As a leading Managed Security Service Provider, Andreas Kunz – Managing Director of Connecting Media GmbH – stands is on hand to provide the Unyted Group with tailored solutions and first-class support. With his team, he has profound cross-industry expertise and possesses the ultimate resource, to master the challenges of secure digitalisation, also taking into account the GDPR and compliance requirements.

Zafar Karim

Forward looking, visionary thinker and transformative leader, business builder and financier. Has a strong background in board, leadership and C level roles, both in public and private companies, rooted in world class investment banking (Rothschild and Salomon Brothers) uniquely combined with general management and strategic expertise, particularly in the tech sectors. Studied Blockchain Strategy at Said Business School, University of Oxford and holds an M.A. in Economics from the University of Cambridge.

Saqib Rizvi

Saqib Rizvi

VP of Sales, with 20+ years of global tech experience, known for a “Unicorn” Nasdaq IPO and three acquisitions. Saqib excels in rapid revenue growth, market expansion, and building top-performing teams. He is passionate about crafting go-to-market strategies for disruptive tech solutions and thrives on delivering over 3x growth for Enterprise SaaS companies. Expertise in SaaS, Cloud, AI, CRM, and more. A dynamic leader in the industry, we’re proud to have him on our advisory board.